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Cooking the sushi rice


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  • Posted: 09/23/2010

This lesson is part of the following series:

How to make sushi at home video course (10 lessons, $19.80)

Cooking the sushi rice

You can make sushi at the comfort of home—
all you need is a couple of ingredients and a willingness
to learn.
Think about it like playing a guitar-
there are a few who are masters,
buy anyone can play a few chords.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know on
how to prepare excellent sushi—starting from the rice,
moving on to selecting the best fish,
preparing the vegetables and finally hand crafting your own
home made sushi.

About this Author

Oz Telem
Oz Telem
10 lessons

I'm Oz Telem, I come from Herzliya, Israel. I've been cooking professionally for
several years, and food is the main passion in my life. I have great honor for the
Japanese cuisine for its marvelous way of maximizing simplicity. Amongst My
activities, I have a food blog at, where I share my experiences in
the kitchen and beyond.


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