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Packing Tips for a Successful Move

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  • Posted: 02/10/2009

How to Pack, Packing Do's and Don't's, and Packing Tips

Armstrong provides professional full-service moves. Contact Armstrong if you would like to have a professional moving company pack your belongings, however, if you want to do it yourself, then Armstrong has provided this video tutorial on how to pack to help you have a smooth move. The author, Shae, suggests starting by decluttering your home and then packing your items in respective cartons. The sizes are specific to the weight of the items packed inside. Shae explains what items should go in the 1.5 cubic-foot carton, the 3.0 cubic-carton, the large 4.5 cubic-foot carton, the dish-pack carton, the wardrobe carton, and the picture carton. Packing tape and packing paper are also important materials to use to pack your home.

The hardest part to packing is packing your delicate items. In the last half of the video Shae demonstrates how to pack your breakables and non-combustibles by displaying the proper cushioning within the carton, wrapping multiple plates together, nesting bowls, and individually wrapping oddly shaped glasses, securing liquids, discarding combustibles, labeling boxes correctly, packing irreplaceable items, maintaining consistent weight between boxes, and understanding what not to pack.

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Charles Wolchansky
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