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  • Posted: 10/29/2010

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Whales have lived in the seas for millions of years, but in an infinite fraction of this time, they have been pushed to the very edge of extinction.

For 150 years the Southern Seas were bloodied by mass slaughter. Hundreds of thousands of whales were hunted and killed – mostly to oil the wheels of industry. But at the eleventh hour a reprieve may have come. In 1994 an international agreement designated the Antarctic seas a sanctuary for whales. This safe area joins with the existing Indian Ocean sanctuary creating a haven for 80% of the world’s remaining whales.

Brilliant media manipulation by conservation groups such as “Greenpeace” brought the fight to save the whales into the spotlight of world attention. Whales came to represent a new concern about the state of the earth and finally a moratorium on hunting whales, initiated by public concern, came into effect in 1985.

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