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Big Mountain Extreme Ski Movie: Respect


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  • Posted: 10/29/2010

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Extreme Ski Movies: Respect and Waiting Game (2 lessons, $7.92)

DVD Available at:
It’s something that every skiing athlete must have - respect for the raw natural powers of the huge mountains they ski. These proving grounds are unpredictable and can change from a pristine mountain face to a death trap avalanche in an instant. Pushing the envelope is the path these adrenaline addicted athletes vigorously pursue.

Spend time inside their heads as they chase the perfect moment, the perfect snow … the safe trip down. And, see the extraordinary footage of these athletes as they discover new mountain ranges. With: Andrea Binning; Stian Hagen; Jonny Law; Will Burks; Reggie & Zach Crist; Kent Kreitler; Mike Mannelin; Billy Poole; Drew Stoecklein; Cody Townsend; Dan Treadway; Julian Carr; James Heim; Trevor Hiatt; Phil Meier; Trevor Thomas; Mike Tierney; Cody Townsend; Seb Michaud; Pierre Yves-LeBlanc; Dave McReynolds; Brant Moles; Carlo Travarelli; Phil Meier; Bryce Phillips; Dean Cummings; Guy Deschenes; James Heim; Jon Orarback; Drew Stoecklein; Cody Townsend; Dan Treadway; Per Huss

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