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"Copyright in the Digital Age"


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  • Posted: 11/01/2010

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Josh Hiller is principle of Hiller Counsel, an entertainment based transactional law firm handling all aspects (talent, production, distribution) of new media (online, mobile), television, film, and music.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act governs the ‘do’s and don’t’ associated with electronic piracy, digital rights and Internet distribution.

How does the DMCA fit within the larger U.S. Copyright Act and what should a content creator or owner do to protect their intellectual property? What are the rules that apply to ‘name, likeness, image’, and how do content creators and distributors protect themselves from unexpected lawsuits? What are ‘clearances’ and why should producers be wary of signs and sounds captured during a shoot?

Josh tackles these and other questions in this informative lecture on a widely misunderstood topic.

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Excerpt from "Copyrights in the Digital Age":

"The DMCA. There’s a lot of talk, a lot of focus on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It was sort of our government's attempt to step into the digital age and take all of these copyright laws and apply them to what’s now digital content. I’m not a fan. I really think they screwed up.

You see what’s happening in music. TV is going down. I just think the quality of content is really diminishing because they’ve created these Safe Harbor Provisions for internet service providers and online service for websites. YouTube, MySpace, you name the site, they infringe all day long. They make a ton of money off of it and the copyright holders get screwed. So, I am not a fan. I think they really screwed up, but that’s life."

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