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"How to Deal With the Piracy Boogeyman"


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  • Posted: 01/28/2011

Richard Atkinson is a broadly recognized expert and business consultant in technology+business disruption and media piracy.  Prior to consulting, Mr. Atkinson built and led Disney's Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations Team for 6 years plus 5 years as a "Disney "Imagineer" applying advanced technology to Disney's theme parks worldwide.

Piracy is among the top concerns of any rights holder whose content can be put in digital form. Studios lose millions of dollars each year due to piracy as people go online to either download or stream content without paying for it. In this session, Richard Atkinson (former head of Disney's Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations Team for 6 years), walks us through a methodical approach to first understanding piracy as a business problem, and then using rationalized ways to effectively compete with - and ultimately leverage - the dynamics of media piracy.

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Excerpt from "How to Deal with the Piracy Boogeyman":

"The Ukraine, don’t put your film in the Ukraine because it’s going to get cammed. How good do you think it is? Pretty good. Opens with a flash screen, right so it already looks real, doesn’t start in the middle isn’t crooked it’s got everything on here.

So...good enough? I know it’s good enough because if I left this up here you’d forget I’m here. It doesn’t matter what you tell me I can just watch you and your body language tells me, this is good enough. Even if you go, man I’m a golden eye for the studio and I don’t buy any piracy crap, right, you’re going to watch that, and so this is about trying to figure out where the threshold is and that’s certainly good enough, if I played it, any of it you’d notice that this is English audio, but I said Ukraine right, if you’re really paying attention when I start playing this flash screen there was no audio and all of a sudden boom, it kicked right in, that’s because the pirates went and got English from somewhere else, right and striped that on to the Ukrainian, dub.

As of about day 6 we had that out there, so that’s a problem."

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