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How to Make a Perfect Gusset for Your Handbag


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  • Posted: 12/26/2010

This lesson is part of the following series:

Designer Handbag Construction Techniques Library (7 lessons, $33.66)

This lesson teaches you how to make a perfectly fitting gusset for your hand-crafted designer handbag by using a simple technique known as "Walking the Pattern."

About this Author

Handbag Makers
Handbag Makers
10 lessons

How to Make a Designer is about just that, how to make a handbag. We teach you basic methods of making handbags at home - designer looking handbags that you’ll be proud to to say you made.

We teach pattern making, handbag construction, design & how to work through problems. Each class is a window into the design process - the ups & downs of learning the logic of what it takes to make it work.

We make bags that are fresh & new to us, so we can go through the process with you.


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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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