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"Over the Top Video and Implications for TV"

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  • Posted: 03/14/2011

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Prior to forming HighView Media, Phillip Schuman was Co-President, Universal Studios Television Distribution where he was responsible for the successful management of the global theatrical and television product distribution organization for Universal Studios, Inc. Mr. Schuman started at Universal as VP Business Affairs in 1995.

From X-Box, Apple TV, Roku and Wii to connected televisions and Blu-Ray players, the Internet has finally found it’s way to the living room display. Add advertising-based and subscription program services (some in high definition) programming like Hulu, iTunes, YouTube and Move Networks to the mix, and we may have the recipe that economically disrupts, or compliments traditional delivery platforms like cable and satellite.

Phil presents some startling information regarding television consumption trends among Americans 18 and over, and posits a number of predictions regarding "over the top TV" - video consumption through the Internet.

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Excerpts from "Over the top Video and Implications for TV":

"...The thing that’s really important to note about these is the time frames between the two comparisons. These are videos viewed, statistics and usage statistics, comparing July of 2009 to November of 2009. So, there’s something really intense happening right now because you’re seeing a growth from 21 billion views in July of 2009 to 31 billion. That just happened in a couple of months. 40%+ growth in usage in a few months. Something very intense is happening here and this is something to keep an eye on and understand..."

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