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Tennis Volley Lesson For Beginners

About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 13:21
  • Media: Video/mp4
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  • Size: 66 MB
  • Posted: 01/31/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

Tennis Lessons For Beginners (9 lessons, $38.61)

The tennis volley lesson shows you how to learn the right ready position and become more alert at the net with some drill without the ball.

Then you'll learn the correct grip, preparation, contact point and the follow-through. The split step and basic footwork are also a part of this video.

About this Author

Tomaz Mencinger
Tomaz Mencinger
9 lessons

A tennis coach passionate about the game and its complexity. Love to share instruction videos, ideas and thoughts about tennis by utilizing what the modern technology allows us to do.

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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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