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How to Repair Damaged Carpet Using Sticky Backing

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  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 2:45
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  • Posted: 02/21/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

Carpet Repair Series - How to Fix Delamination (5 lessons, $14.85)

This video shows a repair using a product that is not widely available called self adhesive backing. If you are interested in locating this product please give us a call and we can see if we can get our hands on some more of this fantastic product!

The Carpet Surgeons featuring Steve Andrews show you step by step how to repair small areas of delamination using a new product know as self adhesive baking.

This is a fast, easy and permanent repair for delamination damage. This video will show just how quickly you can repair damage caused by dogs, entryway traffic, chemicals and any other reason the backing may separate from the carpet.

Tools needed include a carpet pick, carpet knife, carpet roller and self adhesive carpet backing.

Who's Steve Andrews?
Steve Andrews is an IICRC certified instructor who not only travels the world teaching certification courses but also runs his own cleaning and restoration company out of North Carolina. Steve teaches the basics of the repair but also includes why you should be learning these techniques and how they can save you money as a homeowner or make you money as a carpet cleaner.

So go ahead, grab some remnant carpet and a couple of tools and join along as we see how you can Repair It instead of Replace It!

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About this Author

Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews
5 lessons


My name is Adam Raimond and I work alongside Steve Andrews to form the dynamic duo called "The Carpet Surgeons"...

Our goal is to help DIY homeowners and professional carpet cleaners learn techniques to restore damaged carpet.

Steve Andrews has been teaching carpet repair classes as a certified IICRC instructor since 1999 and has been in the cleaning and restoration industry for over 35 years. he strongly believes in taking complex problems and finding easy to use solutions that save time and money.

I have a background in Marketing/Videography and teamed up with Steve about 5 years ago to help bring his teaching skills to a broader audience through online video training....


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