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Coping With An Anxiety Disorder


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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 28:19
  • Media: Flash video file
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  • Access Period: 7 Days
  • Posted: 04/14/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

Complete Rape Recovery Video Series (27 lessons, $29.70)

Reduce your anxiety through strategies and techniques designed to really work. Anxiety though, has its triggers which we'll discuss in detail, helping you anticipate, and alleviate anxiety before it becomes overwhelming.

You're not alone!

When you watch this video, you'll also have access to my PDF files which includes a Recovery Journal, Planner, and additional Resources.

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  • Coping_and_Reducing_Your_Anxiety-RJ.pdf Coping_and_Reducing_Your_Anxiety-RJ.pdf
  • Coping_and_Reducing_Your_Anxiety-RP.pdf Coping_and_Reducing_Your_Anxiety-RP.pdf
  • Coping_and_Reducing_Your_Anxiety-RE.pdf Coping_and_Reducing_Your_Anxiety-RE.pdf

About this Author

Teresa Lauer, MA, LMHC
Teresa Lauer, MA, LMHC
27 lessons

I am a Masters level, licensed social and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist specializing in how our use of technology shapes our cognition, online behavior, and coping mechanisms.

Capitalizing on several decades of experience as an Information Technology professional at a number of Fortune 100s, I utilize my background in human factors, software analysis and design, and technical writing to develop videos on technical subjects including SEO, interface design and usability, website content, and social media.

I'm also an author of a number of books, publications, articles, and videos specializing in social and organizational relationships.

1996 University of San...


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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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