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Ballet Basics: Lesson 5 with Finis Jhung


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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 9:29
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  • Posted: 04/15/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

Ballet Basics with Finis Jhung (13 lessons, $29.70)

Lesson 5: Turn the plié and promenade

This lesson is so important! When you pirouette from fourth position, how you choose to plié and relevé determines whether you balance or fall. If you adhere to the Cecchetti "mounting" exercise which does not turn and asks you to plié-relevé using momentum created by the closing of your supporting arm, you're asking for trouble. If you study slow motion footage of dancers who turn well, you will see that they begin turning while in plié—they don't go straight up to the relevé and then begin turning. In Lessons 3 and 4 you learned to concentrate on clawing the floor with your supporting toes so you pull your body into position for the balance on relevé. Now you will learn to correctly turn your plié towards the back foot and then push the floor with both feet, so you automatically balance on relevé. We'll show you how to check for correct placement moment-by-moment from your starting tendu, as you go down and work to "The End of the Plié," and when you come up on one leg and promenade in passé to the front. Learn the correct sequence of movement for your head, supporting shoulder and arms.

Running time – 4:23

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