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Jamake Highwater’s Native Land


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  • Posted: 04/20/2011

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Native Land – Nomads of the Dawn
Myths, Legends, and the Shaping of Ancient Empires

“Where did we come from? How did the world begin? People of every culture started out asking these same questions. What makes their answers really fascinating is the fact that many of them came up with different answers. These different answers are the basis of the radically different cultures in which we now live.”
Jamake Highwater

Through a tapestry of ritual dance, drama, and storytelling, Jamake Highwater traces the path of the nomads who discovered the Americas and created the complex civilizations of the Aztecs, Incas and other South American tribes. See how the history and legacy of these peoples have survived through their myths and art, and witness the transformation of cave drawings into the dancing frenzy of the hunting ritual.

About Jamake Highwater
One of the foremost cultural commentators of the past century, Jamake Highwater is the author of over thirty books on such diverse topics as theater, literature, mythology, architecture, landscape design, public art, photography, dance and music. His work has promoted an awareness of the often neglected mythologies and rituals which can be found at the hear of all material cultures, philosophies and religions.

Executive Producer: Alvin H. Perlmutter
Writer/Host & Choreographer: Jamake Highwater
Produced by The Primal Mind Foundation in association with Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. and the Native Land Foundation
NTSC 4:3 - 115-minutes
© 1984, 1986 & 2010 The Primal Mind Foundation

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