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Whose Death Is It Anyway?


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  • Posted: 04/20/2011

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“This was a magnificent program... I want to refer my friends to see it. Thanks to you and to Dr. Synderman for producing such a wonderful program. It should be required to be seen in every medical school in this country!”
— Karen Schoonmaker, Viewer, California

A look at the human side of end-of-life decision making in an emotionally charged one-hour public television program.

Whose Death Is It Anyway? emphasizes the importance of personal involvement in decisions about one's care at the end of life. Highlighting the types of treatment many people receive, it realistically explores the difficulties surrounding end-of-life decision making through five documentary segments that feature families sharing their own discussions and experiences.

The Program Examines:
•Patients' Legal Rights
•Family Conflicts About End-of-Life Decisions
•Advance Directives
•Palliative (Comfort) Care
•Dying at Home, in Hospital, or with Hospice Care

The battle over her end-of-life wishes raises many ethical and practical questions about patients' legal rights, family conflict about end-of-life decisions, and the importance of advance directives. Whose Death Is It Anyway explores all of these issues through informed and emotional discussion from a variety of viewpoints, helping to clarify this confusing and difficult topic.

Whose Death Is It Anyway? features a studio audience, hosted by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, currently the chief medical editor for NBC News, that includes people who have dealt with difficult end-of-life treatment issues - physicians, lawyers, nurses, social workers and members of the clergy. Betty Rollin, television journalist and best selling author of six books including the “Last Wish” and “First You Cry”, introduces profiles of real families in the midst of difficult decisions. The program's goal is to increase and improve discussion among patients, families and health care providers and to help people ensure that their wishes are heard and honored.

Alvin H. Perlmutter, Executive Producer
Lisa Zbar, Senior Producer
Christopher Lukas, Director
NTSC 4:3 56-minutes
©1996 & 2011 The Independent Production Fund

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