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A Park For All Seasons: Grasslands National Park


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This lesson is part of the following series:

A Park for All Seasons - 19 Episodes (19 lessons, $29.70)
A Park For All Seasons - Midwest & Arctic Regions (6 lessons, $9.90)

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A Park For All Seasons will take viewers behind the scenes of Canada’s most spectacular National Parks. Learn the history, explore the diversity and soak in the beauty of some of our planet’s most compelling natural playgrounds.

Grasslands National Park - Saskatchewan
This park sits on Canada’s border between Saskatchewan and Montana. Two separate blocks, one east and one west, protect the North American mixed grass prairie - one of the most threatened ecosystems in North America. In an attempt to protect the land, and the endangered species that live here, Parks Canada is trying to stitch the landscape together by buying chunks of real estate from willing sellers. They are also using the ranchers that sold their estates back to the Park as rangers. It’s a unique treatment but it needs to work. The future of the park hinges on it.

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