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S A Q - Power And Body Weight Strength Training

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  • Posted: 05/31/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

The Playmaker Speed Training System (3 lessons, $4.95)

In Part 3 of the Playmaker Athletic Training Series we develop the athletes explosiveness through assisted partner training through band training, medicine ball training and bodyweight strength exercises. The exercises used in videos one and two are now incorporated into more balistic speed training movements to make the athletes as he or she can be.

About this Author

Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
3 lessons

Paul Mitchell has been training athletes for over 15 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of speed enhancement and development, plyometrics, and in teaching Olympic lifting techniques.

He has trained athletes of all ages and levels in sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse, Cheer, Volleyball and Track & Field.

The Mission of Playmaker Strength & Conditioning is to provide the athlete with the very best testing, training and information available to help them not only play on the field or court, but to EXCEL at their sport.


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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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This video includes linear speed development exercises which will help strengthen the hip flexers and the glutes to increase their leg turn over speed.
Drills include Arm Swings, Sprinting, Falling Starts, Stars from various positions, High Knee Runs using a Lateral Resistor, Skate Jumps with and without the Lateral Resistor, Fast Legs, Rocket Jumps, Star Jumps, Tuck Jumps, Butt Kicks, Combination Jumps and Jumps to a Sprint. Using a Medicine Ball we do Medicine Overhead Throws, Chest Passes, Chest Passes to a Sprint, Plyometric Pushups, Walkout Pushups, Bridges, Lunges, Side Lunges, Side Lunges to a Squat, Pushup Rotations, V-ups, Burpees.

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