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Microsoft Access: Crosstab (Pivot Table) Queries

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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 34:41
  • Media: Flash video file
  • Use: Watch Online
  • Access Period: Unrestricted
  • Posted: 06/16/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

Computer Apps Bundle - ALL Videos (23 lessons, $346.50)
Microsoft Access & Excel: Concept Video Series (14 lessons, $217.80)
Microsoft Access: Understanding & Creating Queries (5 lessons, $89.10)

This is the fifth of a series that covers the nuts and bolts of queries in Microsoft Access. This series is designed for students and coaches seeking to learn access to compete in the UIL High School Computer Applications contest but has proven to be useful for anyone seeking to learn or brush up on their Access skills. In this lesson, we focus on the crosstab query features and functionality in Microsoft Access.

In this video, you'll learn how crosstab queries work, what row headings, column headings and values are in the context of crosstab queries, what the limitations of Access crosstab queries are, how Access crosstab queries are similar and dissimilar to Excel pivot tables, what the limitations and benefits of both crosstab queries and pivot tables are, etc.

To illustrate these things, we'll go through example crosstab queries in Microsoft Access (and example pivot table creation and manipulation in Excel to provide a point of reference). Note that starting point access and excel files are attached as are ending point databases and worksbooks in order to allow you to work off of the starting document and compare your results to the ending document.

This video is screencasted. To watch it in the resolution in which it was recorded (which will offer a crisper screen resolution than the player here), move your mouse over the player and click the 100% (Actual Size) button.

This video was recorded using Microsoft Access 2010. There are very minor differences in newer versions and the content covered here is the same across versions. A minor difference is that the Pivot Table labels have been shortened.

Supplementary Files

  • Once you purchase this lesson you will have access to these files:
  • Crosstab_Queries__-_Starting_File.accdb Crosstab_Queries__-_Starting_File.accdb
  • Crosstab_Queries__-_Ending_File.accdb Crosstab_Queries__-_Ending_File.accdb
  • Crosstab_Queries_-_Starting_File.xlsx Crosstab_Queries_-_Starting_File.xlsx
  • Crosstab_Queries_-_Ending_File.xlsx Crosstab_Queries_-_Ending_File.xlsx

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