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MindBites Custom Video Stores 2/3: the Design Tab

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  • Posted: 06/29/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

Creating Your MindBites Custom Video Store (3 lessons, $0.00)

This video will walk you through use of the 'Design' tab in your custom store edit pages. Among other things, this is the tab you'll use to:
* input names and links to add to the navigation bar of the store
* upload logos and header images for both the main page and the iphone version of the page
* specify hex color values for different page elements on the store

This is the second in a series of three quick screencasted videos that cover the ins and outs of custom stores & their creation.

About this Author

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Hey everyone! I'm Chelsea! I've been working at MindBites since 1997 as the primary point of contact for most of our content partners that have questions or need help of any sort getting up and running. I'm currently at work putting together a few different screencasts to help new partners out as they familiarize themselves with MindBites and work to get their content uploaded, packaged and making money.

When I'm not busy at MBHQ, you'll be hard-pressed to find me indoors. I love the outdoors and pretty much any game or sport you can come up with.


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