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Cyberwise Guide to Prezi

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  • Posted: 07/02/2011

This simple Video and its Companion E-guide (below) help parents and educators understand Prezi, an intuitive presentation and storytelling tool. Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi allows students to create visual concept maps of images and text. Because it works how kids think, Prezi makes presentations creative and fun! Plus, this new media literacy tool is online and free!

This Video and its Companion Guide (print it out!) will help get you started using this 21st century tool. The Companion Guide includes step-by-step directions plus examples of how Prezi can be used in education.


We believe no grownup should be left behind. For more information please visit and Be CyberWise!

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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The Cyberwise Guide to Prezi

So what is Prezi?
It’s an intuitive presentation and storytelling tool.

When we hear the words presentation tool we immediately think of PowerPoint.
But before there was PowerPoint, people used overhead projectors and slides to tell their stories.

Then Microsoft came along and developed slide ware called PowerPoint.

And even though PowerPoint wasn’t designed for education. Teachers and students use it. Despite its rigid single path structure breaks up narratives into minimal fragments or slides that make it difficult to understand context. Turning everything into a bullet point. Or a simplistic graph.

Seems like this might not be the best presentation tool for school. Because the thing is… Kids don’t really think linearly. They think more like this.

So instead of using software based on yesterday’s technology. Why not use a tool that matches their amazing brains?

…and that can stand up to all that other media that competes for their attention every day. So here’s an alternative…

Prezi is a presentation tool that ditches slides in favor of a storyboard format.
Plus, it’s free and easy to use. (yes, I said free)

The theory behind Prezi is that since our ideas are not linear, but rather bundles of interconnected concepts, they are better captured as a whole with many parts.

So with Prezi, you can display your ideas on a single canvas, starting with a big idea and filling in with related topics. Then you can size and organize your content on the canvas, making connections more visually explicit than they might be in a standard slideshow presentation.

The Prezi canvas also allows you to display visual imagery to help tell your story. Because we live in a visually rich, multi-media culture, photos, images, illustrations and video are integral elements of a Prezi, in contrast to the often text-heavy, outline-based methodology of most presentation software.

Best of all, because Prezi tosses out slides in favor of a single canvas, creators are encouraged to think in terms of groupings and hierarchies.

So your presentation becomes a visual [concept] map, allowing you to move through the content in a way that best tells your story! And because of the relational nature of the elements in the Prezi, grouped by category and assigned larger (or smaller) sizes as necessary for the logic of the content, presentations appear to audiences as more comprehensible and visually interesting.

Prezi lets you see the big picture, and then zoom in to discover the details. Even the fine print. Or you can take a step back to discover the big picture.

Because sometimes you just really need to turn Learning upside down to see it in a new light. And to remind ourselves that learners acquire knowledge in two ways: linguistically, by reading or hearing lectures, and non-linguistically, through visual imagery like this.

Fortunately, Technology like Prezi is helping us to expand beyond linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways.

So what are you waiting for?



Tufte, E. (2007). Beautiful Evidence. “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within”. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press LLC.

Music Credits:

“Merry Go”
“Circus Tent”

By: Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech,

Photo Credits:

Creative Commons, Flickr,

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