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Business Models for Open Source


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  • Posted: 07/31/2011

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Software business fundamentals (8 lessons, $6.93)

Open Source is everywhere today. But how are commercial companies building their business models around open source? how do they leverage the community to be successful? this presentation elaborates on these questions and provides a framework to create commercial business models around open source.

About this Author

Karl Michael Popp
Karl Michael Popp
15 lessons

Dr. Karl Popp is director of mergers and acquisitions in the corporate development team at SAP SE, one of the largest software companies in the world, responsible for holistic analysis of acquisition opportunities and post merger integration.
Before working on M&A, Karl has managed OEM and Resell partnerships for SAP NetWeaver, SAP´s technology platform. In this function he managed the evaluation of several dozen OEM and Resell suppliers, the contracts and the continuous improvements in processes for supplier management.

In addition, Karl continuously researches in the field of business process modeling and linking business process models to application systems for more than twenty...


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In the presentation, we cover the following topics:
Business Models overview
Which business models are in use around open source?
Business Model of Open Source communities
Services Business models around open source
Software Licensing, Dual Licensing

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