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Trampoline Safety & Safe Basic Skills

About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 21:13
  • Media: Flash video file
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  • Access Period: 360 Days
  • Posted: 08/03/2011

PARENTS SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH THEIR CHILDREN SO THAT PARENTS CAN BECOME BETTER & SAFER SUPERVISORS OF THE FAMILY TRAMPOLINE. World & USA Trampoline Champion & Gymnastic Hall Of Fame member Dan Millman teaches vital trampoline safety information and basic skills that every trampoline user should know. Dan also teaches and explains how to bounce safely and how to stop your bounce, how to do basic jumps and twists (including some cheerleading moves), and the correct way to perform the 8 basic landing positions on the trampoline. Knowing these 8 fundamental landing positions is vital. They help keep you safe and knowing them helps you learn to perform more advanced skills correctly and safely later on. The information on this video is the basis of all safe trampolining. This is your chance to receive vital safety and basic skills instruction from one of the greatest performers in the sport. Every bouncer should watch this video at least once and most will want to own it.

The trampoline bouncers most at risk of a mishap are those who are self taught (or more accurately self MIS-TAUGHT). Watching this expert video should put any bouncer at significantly less risk of a mishap. Professionally coached bouncers are usually SAFE bouncers. Those who have never had any instruction are usually most at risk of a mishap.

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Outline of Contents
1. Warnings & Titles
2. How to mount, bounce and stop bounce
3. Twisting bounce theory & techniques
4. Basic Jumps (tuck, pike, straddle, etc.)
5. 8 fundamental landing positions throughly explained and
6. End Credits

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