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SUN-SHEN Tai-Chi -9/7/11- Physical Connection


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  • Posted: 09/19/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

Central Pillar (19 lessons, $72.27)

In this class Sang covered the physical portion of the Dan-Tian after having covered the energetic aspects, and the relation to all the different Chakras.

He showed how the connection starts from the big toe, to your index fingers, and connects from your whole foot to the pinky finger, and how that actually forms the basis of standing meditation and eventually leads to the rest of the form. This is the beginning of the form.


The focus of this cycle is the Central Pillar, which is your internal source of Enlightenment and Wisdom. It contains energy gateways called Chakras, which are the doors to your inner life, to your deepest emotions and profound sources of energy.

When these gateways are blocked, you can feel disconnected, confused, lonely, and tense. When open, You feel trust, joy, and courage. You are always connected with the Source, your mind has profound clarity, your heart is ever loving, and your body is relaxed and sensitive, yet strong.

We went through these centers to learn meditation, breathing, and physical techniques so that you can feel when they are closed, and open them up on your own. With these tools, you can heal yourself and find everything you need inside.

School of SUN-SHEN Tai-Chi
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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