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Dealing With 'Nobody Around Here Cares But Me'

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  • Posted: 09/13/2011

Owners and managers have this major complaint in common across industry lines: No one else seems to care.

We break this down the 3 prime causes of this energy sapping issues and offer real, practical solutions in this 30-minute, practical 'virtual coaching' delivered by the author. Watch it as many times as you'd like!

About this Author

James M. Lynch
James M. Lynch
3 lessons

James M. Lynch is an Executive Coach for small to medium-sized businesses, family owned businesses in transition, not for profits and entrepreneurs. He coaches hundreds who've made millions.

These timely and practical tutorials involve real issues that James deals with on a daily basis and offer practical solutions that begin to shift your experience of work immediately.

Use these videos to make your work easier, your job simpler and your life less stressful.


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