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Interview with Steve Fishwick - Trumpet


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  • Posted: 10/24/2011

This lesson is part of the following series:

606 Interviews (12 lessons, $53.46)

The '606 Interviews' series gives you unique access to some of the hottest jazz musicians playing in Europe today. Each Interview introduces a successful musician, learns about their background and inspiration, and then moves onto teaching, advice and performance tips.

In this video, the interviewee is Steve Fishwick, the quiet, gifted Manchurian whose playing is totally immersed in Jazz. If you like Chet Baker, Clifford Brown, Tom Harrell then this is your guy. His language and feel, phrases and time are immaculate. If you want to know how to 'play changes' check this out for his teaching and advice.

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced.

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606 Club
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