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How to draw a clam

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  • Posted: 12/31/2011

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Use your finger on the top of the paper to imagine where the clam shell will be drawn. Then draw a large oval like a watermelon on its side. Inside the oval make two long curves that connect to each end. This is the opening for the clam shell. Draw curved lines on both top and bottom for the ridges of the shell.Look carefully at the video to see how the curves are drawn. Use more gently curved lines connecting the wiggly lines to the top of the oval. Round off the top curves and then take out the lines you no longer need. Darken the outline of the shell. Then make many different small pancake shapes to create a pattern on the shell giving it a 3 dimensional look. Shade in the middle of the shell to give it some depth. Plan and draw in a background for the clam, maybe with coral, plants and fish. Using markers or crayons use lots of colour to fill in your picture.

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