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How to draw a mouse

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  • Posted: 12/31/2011

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Using your finger move it around the paper imagine where it will be and how big to draw it. Lightly draw a large oval and a smaller circle for the head with a triangle for the nose.A circle for his hip, with a curved line connecting it to the head. Two half circles under the body near the head, the second one a little smaller. A curved line for the back foot that follows the under side of the body, and two curved parallel lines under the two half circles that are for the arms. Draw two more curved lines for the ears, one a little smaller than the other. For the tail make a nice big bold curvy line under the whole body past the nose. Add a curved line for the back foot, for the front paws draw several little lines for the fingers and a circle for the eye. Use the eraser to take out any lines you don't want. Now you can add a second line on the tail to double it up. For the inside of the ear make a curve with a point in the middle of it. To give the mouse a furry look make a zig zaggy line that are a little darker. Two smaller curves for the nose and mouth. Do more furry lines on the under body and curved lines for the toes. Put another little circle in the eye with a curved line across the top. Line for whiskers, shade the tail, inside the ear and the paws. If you want to put the mouse in a scene as if he is inside a house or out in the garden experiment with different types of lines.

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