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SPEED READING - Previewing A Text - OME


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  • Posted: 01/21/2012

This lesson is part of the following series:

SPEED READING Series - One Minute Educator (6 lessons, $4.95)

In his speed reading series, One Minute Educator Marc Hoberman of Grade Success demonstrates how to quickly preview a text, whether reading for personal pleasure or study.

About this Author

Marc Hoberman
Marc Hoberman
55 lessons

Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Consultant, and author, Marc Hoberman is the Director and Lead Facilitator of Grade Success, Inc. He has trained students, teachers, and corporate executives nationally through a variety of Personal Improvement and Training Methods. Marc has been featured on both television and radio. He has also led workshops at the New Jersey and New York State Reading Conferences as well as the International YAI Conference. Marc has presented seminars at the Tristate Camping conference for 7 years in a row and is the Staff Writer for Canada Camps Magazine. He was a featured speaker at the New England Camping Conference and the Canada Camping Conference as well. As a...


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