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1940's Loose Rag Curls

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  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 13:52
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  • Posted: 02/18/2012

The Ragging technique has been used for hundreds of years and became very popular in the 1940's. We can see it in use again for today’s looks. It is a simple and effective way to add body and wave to most hair types.

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Martin Hillier
Martin Hillier
15 lessons

British born Hairdresser Martin Hillier (Now a proud Canadian citizen) is renowned in the international hairdressing arena for his unique creativity, vision, passion and leadership. Whether it be photographic platform or entrepreneurial work, his ability to transform the average into exceptional is nothing short of inspiring.

Martin's the genius and artistic force behind the looks of Senscience Liquid Luxury and inspires hair stylists from all around the world. His focus, talent and extraordinary skills, as well as his charismatic presence inspire and motivate everyday.

Hailing from London but now living in Canada, Martin has gained a huge volume of respect in the industry having...


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