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25-How to Play the Drums: 3/4 Time


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  • Posted: 03/02/2009

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Drumming Lessons: Basics through Advanced (45 lessons, $50.49)
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Another very common time signature is 3/4. The time signature of 3/4 tells us that there are three quarter note pulses per bar. This makes 3/4 time very similar to the 4/4 time which we use most often. The difference is that with 3/4 time, we have three crotchet beats, not four.

To get comfortable with 3/4 time, Jim will walk through a few different 3/4 exercises that progress in terms of difficulty: Reading 3/4 Time with Accents, 3/4 Time Using More Drums, 3/4 Time using Both Hands. In discussing these exercises and patterns, he'll also explain what types of music these beats and times are most commonly used in.

This lesson is excerpted from a broader course available from The Begin Drumming course is a 100% comprehensive drumming course which takes you from absolute beginner to expert soloist without any gimmicky short cuts! Through a combination of video and written lessons, the course will teach you proper technique as well as how to read drum music.

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About this Author

Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy
45 lessons

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jim McCarthy. I'm a drum clinician and teacher and have specialized in pure technique for many years. I consider myself still a student as well, because I have a passion for constantly learning. I learn every day when I watch other drummers, and I analyze what works and what doesn’t. Performing, Educating and Learning have been my life and my living for well over 20 years.

I've had a tremendously broad background in drumming. I've played in rock bands, orchestras, marching bands - everything from high-brow contemporary music to Latin American stuff.

I spent six years at university studying percussion performance full time, and I ended up with a...


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