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Learn the Books Of The Bible (Old Testament)


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  • Posted: 03/23/2012

It's easy to memorize scripture using fun new music. Perfect for Sunday School, home or your next Old Testament exam. Produced by and all instruments played by Nate Anderson except Danocaster guitar played by Dan Strain danocaster.com. Vocals Craig Anderson. © Wonderful Books Of The Bible (Old Testament) Nate Anderson, Seth Anderson & Craig Anderson / worshipforkids.com Music / ASCAP

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Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson
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WorshipForKids.com is a Southern California based ministry that records KID'S worship CDs, produce Worship DVDs Tracks and make tools that help mentor KIDS as worship leaders. We've been in children's ministry a long time and we're all about "Growing Kids Into BIG Worshipers Of God".


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