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The Making of Your Life Map

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  • Posted: 04/30/2012

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The How to Write a True Story Series - 50% OFF (6 lessons, $37.62)

What imprint has the events of your life made in your universe? You can lay it all out in front of you with the creation of a life map. This is an aid to writers who wish to write their autobiography or memoir because it opens the door to many emotions and experiences that may have previously been disregarded. As many may reveal, it could be just plain fun relishing over your achievements and desires. It could even be used as a way to set goals for the future. If you aspire to tell your personal story, begin your journey with a life map.

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Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
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I am the owner of Lisden Book Publishing and the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. My every desire is to see them flourish into confident and determined women. By my own demonstration to them, I use entrepreneurship as the most culminating means of being a service that provides growth and betterment to all seeking advancement from their current states.


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