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The Critical Outline

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  • Posted: 04/30/2012

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The How to Write a True Story Series - 50% OFF (6 lessons, $37.62)

For your writing to be effective, it must be organized in a way that your reader can follow your flow of transitions between thoughts. Here is where you're shown why an outline is critical. It is the skeleton that gives structure and determines where the meat of your story will be affixed. Once you create this guideline for writing your book, it becomes much more achievable and far less time consuming to produce a manuscript of good quality.

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Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
12 lessons

I am the owner of Lisden Book Publishing and the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. My every desire is to see them flourish into confident and determined women. By my own demonstration to them, I use entrepreneurship as the most culminating means of being a service that provides growth and betterment to all seeking advancement from their current states.


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