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Dr. Kioni: Go Away Leave Me Alone! Hot Foot Spell

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  • Posted: 06/08/2012

People in your business? Folk won't leave you alone? Sometimes hot footing a person using traditional hoodoo rootwork won't work because the target's mind is set to stay. In this advance conjure video, I teach a Palo trabajo to direct & control the target's mind to move them out of a client's life and affairs permanently. There is also a powerful hard to find secret ingredient that makes this spell super effective. I will show you what it is later in the video. Initiation into Palo is not required to work this spell. Information to order my "HoodooU! Home Conjure Kit" at the end of the video.

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About this Author

Dr. Christos Kioni
Dr. Christos Kioni
4 lessons

Described as a "living legend" and "the root doctor's doc"; Dr. Christos Kioni has distinguished himself as a highly sought after authority on spirituality, thought attraction, hoodoo and Palo. Dr. Kioni's passion to learn and his vision to realize greatness in himself and others has helped him achieve his destiny not only as a life changer but also as someone whose life and teachings change the world. Three chapters in NY Times Best Seller Author Christine Wicker’s “Not In Kansas Anymore: A Curious Tale of How Magic Is Transforming America" describe Dr. Kioni as a man of God, a man with a big heart and a powerful juju man. He has risen from a tragic beginning in life to become a radio...


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