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Impressionism: The Authentic Method-Part 1

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  • Posted: 07/17/2012

As Jerry explains in the video, this method comes to us directly from Paris, during the time of the Impressionists, from teacher to student, until it was brought to the US and handed down through the studio sytem of teaching that disappeared in the 1960s. Jerry was fortunate to study in the studio of William Schultz who represented the very end of that system of teaching. This method, revealed now for the first time in video format to the public, is unavailable anywhere, with the one except of a DVD made by William Schultz before his death. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for all painters, regardless of style.

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Jerry Fresia received a PhD in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has taught at numerous US colleges and universities. He left academia in 1989 and settled in San Francisco to pursue a career in painting. In San Francisco he was an exhibitor and Executive Director of two outdoor art exhibition groups. He has written extensively on both art as well as the political-economy of the United States. Now Jerry lives on Lake Como where he offers painting holidays classes and manages an art gallery.


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This is the authentic Impressionist method of painting (Part 1), never before made available. Learn their "mechanics of painting" in a step by step approach. Invaluable for all visual artists, regardless of medium or style.

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