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Photography: Visual Themes: Color & Light


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About this Lesson

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  • Posted: 04/10/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

Photographic Critique - Film & Digital (5 lessons, $40.59)

There is a lot more than just ‘making’ pictures if the professional photographer is going to be successful. Learning to critique photography, your own and that of others, is critical. Different pictures that have different themes as there primary elements, but all pictures have at least one visual theme. Visual themes include light, color, focus, and design.

This lesson gives you an introduction to visual themes and then focuses on the visual themes of Light and Color. In covering light, Brian explains how in-camera meters are calibrated (and how to compensate for this when it can aversely impact your photos), teaches you how and why and when to 'bracket' your exposure, discusses optimal timing for photographing silhouettes, talks in depth about how light and its color quality vary at different times of the day, and thoroughly explains the choices a photographer has in deciding how to see and manipulate light.

Each of us responds to color in a unique way, but there are some common associations that people attach to paticular colors and hues. This lesson talks about these associations as well as the unique properties of specific colors (e.g. the fact that yellow is brighter than red or white) and equipment, like polarizing filters, that photographers can use to reduce glare elements that would otherwise compromise rich natural colors.

To be successful, a photographer must learn how to properly critique photography in order to improve their image-making capabilities. This lesson is excerpted from the DVD, Learn to Critique Photography, which is an excellent resource for those looking to learn how to critique photography, both their own and that of others. This is the first segment cut from the DVD and includes chapters 1, 2 and 3 (covering visual, light, & color Themes).


About this Author

Brian Ratty
Brian Ratty
37 lessons

Brian Ratty, internationally known photographer, educator and founder of a multi-million-dollar communications company, hosts and writes many instructional DVDs, videos and audio programs on photography. Over the past twenty five years, he and his staff of writers and photographers have completed thousands of professional assignments around the world. Mr. Ratty is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography and holds an honorary Master of Science degree.


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