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Photography: Shooting Accessories & Gifts


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  • Posted: 04/04/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

Digital Photography - Crafting Digital Images (5 lessons, $40.59)

There are some basic camera accessories a photographer may want to consider investing in. The first accessory recommended is a very inexpensive and safe lens cleaning kit. Never wipe the lens cleaning solution directly onto your lens. Instead, moisten a tissue, wipe the lens and then dry off the solution with another tissue.

Another insurance policy to protect your lens is to use a Skylight or UV filter. but if you're going to invest in only one filter, make it the polarizer. Other types of filters include color correction filters, soft focus filters, sparkle or star filters.

Every serious photographer should also have at least one good sturdy tripod. Brian will walk you through what to look for in tripods during this lesson.

He'll also explain to you the benefits of a handheld light meter, which can also act as a flash meter and is very helpful for complicated lighting situations. Further, he'll walk you through the advantages of off-camera flash units as well as when you should use them and how. Last, he'll talk about reflectors, which are used to bounce light off of walls or other surfaces and onto your subject.

A serious photographer should consider all of these accessories, but depending on what types of shoots and shots you're doing, you may not need all of them. Brian will talk through each such that you can make an informed decision about what you need most and what to evaluate to make the best purchase decision for your circumstances.

As the price for digital cameras goes down, the number of new professional photographers goes up. To help you stand out amongst the increasing numbers, Brian Ratty has produced a video series on the fundamentals of digital photography. Most photographers know how to take a picture but learning how to craft these pictures is an essential step to producing images that are timeless and treasured.

This lesson is a excerpted from the DVD, Digital Photography: Crafting Images, which is a great resource for those who want to learn how to craft pictures and produce images that last a lifetime. It is the last lesson cut from the DVD and includes chapters 9 & 10, Shooting Accessories & The Gift of Photography.


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Brian Ratty
Brian Ratty
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Brian Ratty, internationally known photographer, educator and founder of a multi-million-dollar communications company, hosts and writes many instructional DVDs, videos and audio programs on photography. Over the past twenty five years, he and his staff of writers and photographers have completed thousands of professional assignments around the world. Mr. Ratty is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography and holds an honorary Master of Science degree.


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