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Aquarium & Pond: Siamese Fighting Fish


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  • Posted: 05/07/2009

In this lesson, Paul Talbot explains how to raise and maintain Siamese Fighters. This is a fish from Thailand that can be kept and bred even if space is limited... Watching these fish building a bubble nest is an amazing experience for the whole family!

This lesson is an excerpt from the instructional DVD guide, Aquarium & Pond, a clear and easy way to introduce you to the world of aquariums.
The host, Paul Talbot, uncovers the vast world of all kinds of different aquariums and teaches how to start off your first aquarium. He takes you through the entire process of owning, setting up and maintaining an aquarium and also explains basic concepts in fish keeping and pond maintenance. This DVD was created to be used as an aid to choosing the right fish and aquarium for you. It's also great for experienced fish keepers who are looking for a new challenge!

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About this Author

Paul Talbot & Brendan Jarvis
Paul Talbot & Brendan Jarvis
58 lessons

Paul Talbot and Brendan Jarvis are the key players behind the Exclusive Fish Films and Exclusive Tropical Guide educational tools. Their collective passion for and interest in home aquariums and aquatic life are what first brought them together to release Instructional DVDs, and they've worked together to bring that passion and aquatic expertise to global viewers ever since.

Paul's childhood interest in fish species and aquariums led him to take his first job in the aquarium industry, and he has since turned that passionate hobby into a stunning career as a fish keeping expert and consultant. Professional credits to his name include several articles in local and international magazines,...


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