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Intro to Force Fetch..Ear Pinch Method

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  • Posted: 04/30/2009

This is how it happens.99% of all training videos show a trained dog.

You never see how to deal with the problems you see with your pup...I do not edit to make me or the dog look good..I show real problems and how I deal with them..The dogs are not finished but in the actual stages in there training...

Training Retrievers..In this clip Dozer 7 months of age is in the 5 month gun dog training program..He is starting Force Fetch today..I show how to control and how to have your pup open his mouth and hold the training bumper on command…This is the hardest part of training for the amateur trainer to comprehend. There have been more dogs than not, ruined by the uneducated who just don’t spend the time to learn..The complete program will take dogs around 3-4 weeks to complete from Intro to finish..We are not teaching a retriever to retrieve. A finished retriever MUST hold the bird until they DELIVER TO HAND IN THE HEEL POSITION..They can not shake out of water, switch (Drop a bird and retrieve another bird on the return),eat or run off with the bird.

About this Author

Richard Pulvino
Richard Pulvino
12 lessons

These are taped with non advanced pups..All dogs are in intro unless told otherwise..You cannot learn from a already trained pup..You will see the moves of a learning pup..And how to deal with it..
Richard started training retrievers full time
in 1996. Working at a high volume training
facility, has allowed him to
experience a wide variety of retriever
personalities. He has trained over 900
dogs. In competition he has passed and
won numerous ribbons for clients. His
passion for retrievers and waterfowl
hunting shows. He has introduced many to
the wonders of waterfowl...


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