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Baby Sign - My Smart Hands Songs Only


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About this Lesson

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  • Posted: 05/03/2009

This lesson is designed as a way for signing students who have taken a class that uses these songs and want to download the songs learned in class.

This is not an instructional video. It is simply a way for baby sign language students who have learned all of these songs in class to download the mp3 files for use at home (click the Lesson Files tab to download the songs).

If you would like to learn how to sign each of these songs please visit the individual lesson pages for each song. During each individual lesson you will be shown how to sign and sing the song. You will also receive an mp3 file and lyric sheet to go along with the lesson.

The fours songs are:
1. Hey Mommy, Hey Daddy
2. Please Change Me!
3. I Love To Ride
4. Play It Again!

For the ABC song and ABC phonics song please visit those individual pages for downloads as there are two versions, Canadian and American.

Supplementary Files

  • Once you purchase this lesson you will have access to these files:
  • 04_Hey_Mommy__Hey_Daddy.mp3 04_Hey_Mommy__Hey_Daddy.mp3
  • 03_Play_It_Again_.mp3 03_Play_It_Again_.mp3
  • 02_Please_Change_Me_.mp3 02_Please_Change_Me_.mp3
  • 01_I_Love_to_Ride.mp3 01_I_Love_to_Ride.mp3

About this Author

Laura Berg
Laura Berg
22 lessons

Baby sign language expert, Laura Berg, teaches baby signing classes and trains other ASL baby sign language instructors through her Toronto-based company, My Smart Hands ( ). Laura has helped countless parents with their quest to better understand and communicate with their little ones through her baby sign language classes and video lessons.

Laura is certified with the Ontario College of Teachers and was recently awarded with the Ontario Mom Entrepreneur of the Year award. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at the University level on the topic of using sign language with hearing children. She has delivered workshops to librarians and teachers helping them...


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