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FFT - Getting Started with Real Signals (Russian)

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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 3:09
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  • Posted: 05/13/2009

WSOCT and SavvyPaper teach you all about FFTs as they are applied to real signals. Topics include FFT, noise, spurs, bin spacing, resolution bandwidth, noise floor. We use NI Labview software as a teaching aid.

About this Author

Keith Schaub
Keith Schaub
26 lessons

Keith Schaub Founder of Wireless SOC Test Inc, author of the book, Production testing of RF and SOC devices for Wireless Communications, has over 16 years of experience in RF/microwave system design and test engineering. Additionally, he has authored/co-authored several papers and editorials on the state of RF/wireless SOC/SIP testing and the trends of the market including: "MIMO challenges existing ATE", Test & Measurement World, "Reducing EVM Test Time and Indentifying Failure Mechanisms", Evaluation Engineering, "Evolutionary Changes For RF Device Testing", Evaluation Engineering; "Needed: New Thinking For Wireless/RF Testing", Test and Measurement World, and "Concurrent-Parallel Testing...


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