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Promoting Your Business on Social Networks

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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 92:19
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  • Posted: 06/06/2009

This WebTechGurl.com video tutorial is for internet entrepreneurs who want to learn how to effectively self promote themselves and/or their businesses on social networking websites like myspace, facebook, twitter, and others.

In this video I discuss the dos and don’ts of effective social networking.

The Official WebTechGurl Online Courses are available at: http://tutorials.webtechgurl.com

About this Author

LaShanda Henry
LaShanda Henry
13 lessons

I am Web Developer and Web Coach. I am a work at home mom, whose claim to fame was learning how to build an online business on a shoe string budget. Now I teach aspiring internet entrepreneurs how to basically do the same thing and effectively market their businesses online. I am the creator of the SistaSense.com Online Marketing Blog for Entrepreneurs and I created the WebTechGurl.com Online Video Tutorials in Web Business Basics and Internet Marketing.

My Official blog: http://www.sistasense.com


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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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