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Ninjutsu: Shadow tactics

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  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 36:41
  • Media: Flash video file
  • Use: Watch Online
  • Access Period: 30 Days
  • Posted: 06/14/2009

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Ninjutsu Online Course series (17 lessons, $9.90)

“All war fare is based on deception”
- a quote from the famous war strategist Sun Tzu in his book “The Art Of War”.

Thus, even in individual combat one can employ this ideology. And so Shihan Ali A. Karim, brings “Shadow Tactics” to you with this concept in mind.
Features 36 min lesson

Shadow tactics are techniques of deception used in face to face combat. Tricky movements, unseen strikes, blinding your attacker, shadow kicking, and frustrating your attackers plans. The purpose of course is survival. If by deception one can make their survival easier, and defeat their foe with ease, then why not do so? This is what “Shadow Tactics” is about.

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Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis
17 lessons

Combat Mode Productions brings you instructional martial arts videos dealing with effective self defense.


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