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  • Posted: 06/14/2009

Dorian Mode

1. Built from the 2nd scale degree on a Major Scale.
2. Intervals are: R M2 m3 P4 P5 M6 m7 Octave
3. Tonic Chord: is Gm6 and or Gm7 (other chord types are Gm9, Gm11 and Gm13)
4. It is most commonly the ii7 in the “ii7 – V7 – I” progression but is also used as the tonic key for songs i.e, “So What”, “Eleanor Rigby”

As you practice various different fingerings for the Dorian Mode ask yourself “What major scale is this dorian mode connected to?? Where is the ‘parent’ key’?”
To me, you can see Dorian, NOT JUST AS AN INDEPENDENT ENTITIY but as a part of a BIGGER PICTURE (KEY)”

For instance F Dorian is the iim7 of what Major Key? Answer – Eb
So when you start of the root of F(or any other Dorian mode) make sure that you can see where the root of the related major key is!

I STRONGLY encourage you to explore various fingering patterns in order to get different vantage points of the mode AND it's parent key. For instance, how can you play this mode on 1 string starting from an open string, from a fingered note. how about a two string shape? Three, four???? That's what it takes to really get to know your fingerboard, IMO, as opposed to saying "oh, heres a shape that moves all around the neck"

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Hello, my name is Ted but most people have called me "Blyss" for many years I have played music in some form or another, on one instrument or another since the age of 7.

I am a professional bassist and bass instructor in the Bay Area. And, since relocating here from New Orleans I have had the great pleasure of playing with and building friendships with some of the Bay's most talented singers songwriters and artists. I have been a first call choice for many area producers including Grammy winner Josh Tone Weaver (Green Day / Santana) and, since late 2000, I have been to Nya Jade what Leland Sklar was to James Taylor. Nya's video, "One Pill" can be seen in regular rotation on Vh1 Soul and...


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