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MindBites Insight #2 (Basic Editing - Mac)

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  • Posted: 02/05/2008

Well, last week we made a promise in our blog that we had hardly hoped to keep. We boldly pledged to bring you weekly episodes of The MindBite Insight, a fledgling program intended to teach the millions of yearning MindBiters out there in cyberland how to use the myriad of digital production tools available to the common man/woman. However altruistic and lofty this goal may have been, we never expected to be held to its implications. I mean how conceivable is it that someone would have actually read our minuscule, virtually undetectable blog post?

But someone did read it, and now our boss says we have obligations. Great.

So, back by popular demand, and for an indefinitely extended run, is the glorious MindBite Insight with the second episode EDITING BASICS (for Macs). Yes, we apologize for the platform specific instruction, but there is a ton of information to discuss when dealing with either a Mac or a PC, so we decided to split the two. The next Insight episode will deal with editing on a PC.

However, in this week’s installment, the lovely Brittanie takes you through the workings of iMovie, the consumer-grade editing program for Macs and a wonderful jumping-off point for all novices in the field. Most new Apple computers will come with a version of iMovie installed in the applications section of their hard drive. It’s a magnificent program, capable of performing every necessary task for creating and assembling a top-notch MindBite. And it’s fairly intuitive to boot.

Almost all editing platforms have similar, fairly interchangeable set-ups. Brittanie describes the key features that one will see in any editing program, regardless of market price and complexity, and details the importance of each. She goes through the whole process, beginning to end, of how to get your footage into your computer, assemble it, add some titles, and send it on its way to the MindBites website.

But why spend more time talking up the lesson? How about you experience the glory for yourself?! And be sure to check in next week for further installments of the Insight.

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Brittanie Flegle
Brittanie Flegle
9 lessons

Currently employed as the marketing director and digital guru for Realty Austin.


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