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MindBites Insight #1 (Camera Basics)


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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 13:44
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  • Posted: 02/15/2008

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Presented here in its entirety with minimal commercial interruptions and FCC censorship is the pilot episode of "The MindBite Insight". This little weekly event, benevolently brought to you by the hardworking MindBites production team, is intended to be a platform for us to share our video knowledge with you. Once a week (or more, if we’re feeling spicy), we’ll take you through a heart-pumping, teeth-grinding thrill ride; through the ins and outs of video production. Between all of us, we’ve got over one billion years of experience in camera technique and editing operation, and we aim to share it all, even the useless and mind-numbing, with our millions of adoring fans.

In this week’s adventure, we detail the specifics of basic camera operation. We take you through the general features found on most digital camcorders, regardless of make and model. We’ll discuss the benefits of certain brands and the hindrances of others, what to look for when buying a camcorder, and how shooting format should influence your purchase. This lesson should work as a wonderful and eye-opening introduction to the world of video production. All beginners are welcome, as well as intermediate users looking to brush up their skills, or bored college kids desperately trying to drown out their Geology professor’s discussion on cleavage and fracture.

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Keith Fraase
Keith Fraase
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I am but a mindful haberdasher. My words are stifled and whimsical whilst my thoughts run plenty and strong. I'll give you a hearty handshake if you look me in the eye. Please teach me thorough for I am slow of study. I've shared all I've ever learned, and learned everything from the act of sharing. But please, keep your words small, for I am but a mindful haberdasher...


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