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Check In Multiple Documents at once in MOSS

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  • Posted: 06/29/2009

Checking in documents one at a time is a pretty laborious task. If you upload multiple documents to a document library and they are all checked out, there is a way to check them in altogether! (as long as you have SharePoint Server)

This video shows how to check in multiple documents at once in a document library.

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Asif Rehmani
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In this video, I am going to show how you check in multiple documents at once in a Document Library. Now, this feature I am about to show only works if you have a SharePoint Server Standard or SharePoint Server Enterprise installed. This does not work with Windows SharePoint Services only installation. Also to check in multiple documents, you need the permissions of a designer or an administrator for the site. You cannot do it as a contributor of a site. As a contributor, when you upload a document, you can definitely check it in but you have to do it one by one. To do a mass check in of documents, you need designer’s or the administrator’s permission.
Okay so here is my scenario, I am in a site right now, it says Sales right here, and it is a team site. I am currently logged in as administrator. Let me keep logged in as this person, go to my Shared Documents document library, and my scenario here calls for uploading multiple documents.
Now before I do that, I am going to go to Settings  Document Library Settings  Versioning settings, and all the way below here, I am going to say that ‘Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited’ and by doing that what I am saying is, now if I do upload multiple documents in this library they all are going to come in as ‘checked out’ to begin with. They have to be manually checked in before they can be shown, they can be visible here in this library. I need to do this because this is what my demo calls for right now. So Upload  Upload Multiple Documents, I am going to pick a couple of log files here, and just Upload them. Alright, so I have a couple of log files that I have uploaded to this library. They are both shown as checked out right now by the administrator.
Let me log in as somebody else. Okay I am logged in as Amy Alberts. Amy Alberts happens to be a designer of this site but because Administrator’s documents that he uploaded have not been checked in yet, those documents are not visible to Amy. Now Amy, same thing, she is going to go and upload multiple documents here. In this library, she will go to the My Documents folder  within that the Docs sub folder  she is going to check in all these documents. So there are five documents being uploaded right now and they all show up as checked out currently to Amy. Okay, she has to check them in one by one, or doing a mass check in, which I am about to show you, to get them to be visible to the Users.
Alright, I will go right now to Site Actions  Site Settings  and click on Content and Structure. As I mentioned before, this functionality now is only visible, is only available for administrator or a designer of the site. And this functionality works just as well on a Team Site. Okay, so I will go, click on Content and Structure  Shared Documents that is the library I want to go to, okay so this Content and Structure page which shows me the content and structure for all the different sites and sub sites in this Site Collection as a whole. It is showing me the Sales site, I went into the Shared Documents document library of the Sales site, within which it is showing me only five documents, it is not showing me the documents from the administrator, the ones that administrator uploaded which were a couple of log files. Only the ones that Amy has uploaded are visible here. Okay so to check them in all at once, check them all at once, I am going to click on this to select all the items  then Actions  and Check In. It has given me to put the comments in if I wanted to for each of these documents, I will disregard that for right now and click on OK. Okay and now it is all checked in. As you can see, if I hover over the document, and now it says Check Out, meaning it is already checked in.
Let us go to the site. Open this in a new window for the Sales site  Shared Documents, and as you can see all the documents have been checked in. If I hover over any of these documents, it shows me the Check Out option. So, that is how you can Check In a document en masse using designer’s or administrator’s privileges only. If you are a contributor uploading documents, I am sorry but you are stuck with checking in each of these documents individually. But as designer and as administrator, you can check them in at once. Keep in mind also that you need SharePoint Server Standard or above licensing for this to work.

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