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MindBites Insight #5 (Getting organized)


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  • Posted: 03/06/2008

Though we don't often advocate Machiavellian techniques, to "Divide and Conquer" is the only way to keep yourself sane during video editing. Separating shots, labeling them, and grouping them makes them easily navigable and more intuitive to work with. Cutting up and organizing what you've recorded may seem intimidating, but you've got to just get in there. Brittanie and Keith team teach in this MindBite Insight about Getting Organized.

With them as your strategists for conquering MindBite projects, you'll be sure to be victorious in the end. They'll show you how to capture and begin piecing together your brilliant footage, give you helpful ideas for keeping order, show you what you need, explain some terms, and discuss how organization is the key to editing.

About this Author

Keith Fraase
Keith Fraase
11 lessons

I am but a mindful haberdasher. My words are stifled and whimsical whilst my thoughts run plenty and strong. I'll give you a hearty handshake if you look me in the eye. Please teach me thorough for I am slow of study. I've shared all I've ever learned, and learned everything from the act of sharing. But please, keep your words small, for I am but a mindful haberdasher...


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