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MindBites Insight #7 (Spicing Up Your Video)


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  • Posted: 04/15/2008

We've received several requests from anxious Mindbiters recently, requesting an Insight that delves into adding add-ons to add additional adornments to make one's video adequate. Yep, you heard me.

So this week's Insight explores a range of topics: Titles, Transitions, and Sound Effects, to be specific. We gloss over some important rules you should be aware of as you go about sprucing up your video and give tips and tricks we use to make our projects look just that much more professional. We don't suggest that you spend all of your precious time attempting to create CGI's with artificial intelligence who will introduce your lesson, but a little decoration never hurt.

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Keith Fraase
Keith Fraase
11 lessons

I am but a mindful haberdasher. My words are stifled and whimsical whilst my thoughts run plenty and strong. I'll give you a hearty handshake if you look me in the eye. Please teach me thorough for I am slow of study. I've shared all I've ever learned, and learned everything from the act of sharing. But please, keep your words small, for I am but a mindful haberdasher...


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