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Create a Quote of the Day web part using Data View

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About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 9:45
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  • Posted: 07/07/2009

This video shows how the Data View web part in SharePoint Designer can be used to create a Quote of the Day web part that can be driven off automatically using a list on the SharePoint site. No coding required!

About this Author

Asif Rehmani
Asif Rehmani
76 lessons

Asif specializes in creating and teaching about Powerful No-Code solutions!

Asif has been training and consulting on primarily SharePoint technologies for over a decade. He is a SharePoint Server MVP and MCT.

Asif runs a SharePoint Videos website (http://www.sharepoint-videos.com) which provides hundreds of SharePoint Video Tutorials and products to help sustain SharePoint adoption.
Over the years, Asif has been a speaker on SharePoint topics at several conferences including Microsoft's TechEd, SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Connections, and Advisor Live. He is the author of the books "First Look for SharePoint 2013", "SharePoint Designer 2010" and "Professional SharePoint...


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