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Making Chicken Pesto Pasta With Tuval

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  • Posted: 05/27/2008

Tuval shares his knowledge on how to cook a great tasting and easy-to-make Chicken Pesto dish. It requires only a few ingredients and takes about 25 minutes to prepare, and as Tuval points out, your guests "will never believe you made this!"

About this Author

tuval baruch
tuval baruch
6 lessons

Cooking has always been my passion, so much so that I am now a student at prestigious culinary school. I love to cook and always thought it is a fun, fulfilling hobby and with mindbites I can share my creativity and knowledge with those who share my passion. I go over a lot of things, most of which here will be the quick, easy meals to prep for either yourself or guests that show up with little to no notice.
I hope that if you choose to watch my videos you will learn something new, and if you have something you want me to teach then by all means send me a message and I will go ahead and make a video for you and everyone else to enjoy.

Thank you very much for watching.



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